5 DON’Ts when Starting Your Online Business

Starting your very own e-commerce store can be both fun and overwhelming- with all of the steps to complete and goals to accomplish, it’s important that you keep in mind not only what you should be doing but also what you should NOT be.


1. DON’T DO EVERYTHING AT ONCE.   Take an incremental approach to your design process- starting with your color scheme and page layouts, then add products with descriptions, finally ending it with tax and shipping options.

2. DON’T ...

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E-commerce, Social Strategy, and “Cocooning”

With all the information and entertainment at arm’s reach at home, why get out and meet up with a friend when you can chat on Facebook? Why go shopping for a book at Barnes & Noble when you can search through a virtually unlimited bookstore like Amazon and never leave your couch?”

Whether or not you prefer staying in and conducting your business from home, you need to understand “cocooning” to be successful in today’s e-commerce business climate.

The term “cocooning” was ...

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Thinking Of Starting Your Own Online Business…


Thinking of Starting Your Own Online Business, Contact us At Zoom Business Development.  

Our main goal here at Zoom Business Development is to make you happy by producing the Absolute Best Possible Product we can.  We will help You Build Your Own Online Business From Start to Finish, Showing You Every Step Along the Way.

Doing Something New Can Seem Overwhelming at First but, If you contact Us We will help you Understand the Process, ...

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Happy First Day Of Spring..

Today is Officially The First Day of Spring…




Check Out this Cool Article About Spring that I found on the HuffingtonPost.Com


Japanese Cherry  Blossoms


(photo via Columbusmmug.com)

From Space.com’s Joe Rao:

Lately, around this time of year, I often get letters from people wondering why spring begins early this year. Many folks assume the first day of spring in the Northern ...

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