E-commerce, Social Strategy, and “Cocooning”

With all the information and entertainment at arm’s reach at home, why get out and meet up with a friend when you can chat on Facebook? Why go shopping for a book at Barnes & Noble when you can search through a virtually unlimited bookstore like Amazon and never leave your couch?”

Whether or not you prefer staying in and conducting your business from home, you need to understand “cocooning” to be successful in today’s e-commerce business climate.

The term “cocooning” was first coined over 30 years ago and is a growing trend again thanks to technology.  Most cocooners are age 25-34, are college educated, and make 75k+ per year.  These attributes compromise the ideal consumer for any business, so does your marketing strategy include reaching cocooners too?

Well we know that every cocooner spends time on one or more social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.  Whether you’re doing a promoted campaign or an organic, cost-free campaign, you need to ensure a concrete social media presence that’s integrated with your e-commerce business.

Now consumers are staying home and conducting just as much business as they would if they went out-  this creates a HUGE opportunity for e-commerce store owners…

…So don’t wait- Begin creating your social media strategy today and start fortifying relationships with cocooners who will become loyal consumers of your products!


Tony Williams

Brand Development/Content Marketing Specialist


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